Creative Therapies

Creative Therapies

Not all therapy has to be a face to face conversation. At Hope After Trauma, our staff are trained in a multitude of disciplines, and will almost always draw upon a whole range to achieve the best possible results. The list of possibilities is endless here, but they all aim to express, address, explore or resolve feelings and experiences that words on their own can't manage:


Drama - Tell your story through inventing a character, use puppets, masks, or even narrate your experiences in third person


Music - Listen to, or make your own music. No experience needed. Explore musical ways of communication and expression


Art - Pens, crayon, tissue paper, clay, scrap booking, paint. A picture really is worth a thousand words. Popularised in the 1940s, it is believed art therapy brings to light the subconscious


Developmental Interactive Bibliotherapy - A rather unpoetic phrase meaning poetry therapy


Play Therapy - Particularly useful with children and people with limited vocabulary, both directive and non-directive approaches allows for communication without feeling interrogated or quizzed